Working Out after 1 Week Fast

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Bernarr MacFadden, known as the Father of Physical Culture, was a big proponent of fasting.

I remember reading about him testing his strength after a long fast.

So this time around, after doing a week-long fast, I decided to do the same.

This video shows a couple clips from that training, including snatching the 48kg kettlebell, ripping a deck of cards and doing a set of 16 pullups:

Besides what I recorded above I also did:

14 easy handstand pushups
5 barbell front squats with 135 lbs.
3 strict hanging leg raises

As you might imagine, it is normal to be weaker after a fast. Muscles depleted of glycogen and a variety of other reasons.

(Though interestingly enough, one man was telling me he was typically stronger after fasting, which may be the result of toxicity or allergies from something in his regular diet, or who knows what else. Mileage may vary.)

And it was also interesting that since I dropped a significant chunk of weight, the bodyweight exercises felt somewhat easier. Not enough to make up the dip but closer.

In the end, the dip was temporary and just in the next two days I was back to setting new PR’s.

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