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Wrist Flexibility Report

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A simple wrist stretch

I’ve shared a couple videos with you in the past week and today’s a little different. Instead of a video I’m giving you a report that covers what is many would-be hand balancer’s biggest obstacle. And that is wrist pain and flexibility.

Wrist Flexibility Report
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This is something I personally battle with. So instead of giving you a little tip you can have all of what I do to help out my wrists. The simple truth is without doing this stuff regularly I can’t do a handstand, but with it I can.

Perhaps you’ve already realized it, or you surely will after reading the report and seeing the references. Soon I’ll be releasing a new product. What you’ve seen is just small bits and pieces of the whole thing. And let me tell you it’s BIG.

This is the biggest and best compilation of hand balancing material ever released in the world.

It’s been called the Hand Balancing Bible.

You could call it the Holy Grail of Hand Balancing.

But I’ve done away the religious references and simply called it the Hand Balancing Mastery Course.

Tomorrow I’ll fill you in on more details on why this course is a must-have for anyone who wants success beyond the handstand.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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  1. Logan, See Aikido wrist exercises. For example, hold your right hand out stretched in front of you. Thumb pointing down palm facing right. Left hand is placed behind your right hand with your thumb over the top edge of your hand. Grasp tightly and pull your arms straight towards your chest. Repeat with each hand alternating 20 times, 10 for each hand. Same sort of exercise is performed with your right hand close to your chest palm facing right thumb away from your body. Left hand thumb against the back of your right hand fingers around the wrist. Press down as far as possible. Also push ups on the back of your hands. But I suppose you already know all this, right?

    Take care,

    PS Glad I’m not a convict.

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