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I was Wrong about Coffee

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I’ve never been a coffee drinker…until very recently.

The reason for this is that it didn’t taste good to me and I never really felt the effects of the caffeine that everyone else seemed so hooked on.

Add to this that I don’t drink milk, or like to add sugar to things, so it was an easy thing for me to avoid.

I saw other people who were literally addicted to this thing, and I thought why bother? If you NEED a cup of coffee (or two, five, ten) to get through you day, you may be going overboard.

In fact I remember seeing someone go through withdrawals (massive headaches) as she stopped drinking coffee every day.

But then I heard about something called Bulletproof Coffee. I didn’t pay attention at first, but I kept hearing about it. I checked out Dave Asprey, the man behind it, and realized he was very knowledgeable when it came to nutrition.

bulletproof coffee

As I had started to explore the realm of using nutrition to make you smarter and more productive I finally caved in and gave it a try.

I bought the coffee, raw grassfed butter and MCT oil.

Just smelling these beans, it was much better than any coffee I had smelled before. The reason for this is that most coffee is contaminated with myco-toxins that can cause health problems in the short term or long term. Unfortunately, the majority of commercial beans are contaminated but with the Upgraded Coffee they use a process to ensure that these beans are 100% mycotoxin free.

When you mix it with the healthy fats it tastes even better. I love fat so this definitely worked for me. If you’re not use to a lot of fat (due to the still persistent fat-phobia) you’ll want to start with small amounts and build up.

I had been intermittent fasting, by skipping breakfast, for a couple months at this point. Now I started drinking Bulletproof coffee each morning.

Not only did it taste great but I functioned quite well on it. The idea is that the oils help fuel the brain immediately. If you’re looking to lose weight using this along with fasting works great. I found out that one cup was all I needed. Two cups was definitely too much as I got all jittery.

I usually do my training at about noon each day. I do the coffee in the morning and eat nothing else. Before I train I take a few pre-workouts supplements and herbs. I only start really eating for the day after I’ve done my training.

For me I do it for the performance aspects. I also save time as I don’t need to make or eat breakfast in the morning, as making the coffee is quick. But that‘s not all. Since this time I‘ve started to find that coffee has a whole host of benefits.

  • It’s an antioxidant (the most widely consumed one in the standard American diet)
  • A great source of magnesium
  • Coffee drinkers have lower incidences of diabetes, thyroid diseases, many cancers, suicide, Parkinson’s disease, and more
  • Increases progesterone concentration in cells
  • Supports serotonin uptake
  • Prevents apoptosis in healthy cells
  • Improves efficiency of fuel use and performance
  • And much more

If you’re a coffee drinker you have to try this stuff out.

If you’re not, like I wasn’t, you still might want to try it.

You can do the intermittent fasting and adding fats to any coffee, but I would suggest trying this coffee at least once.

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