1. How many times did you have to dive out of the way to not get hit on the head? Great move.

  2. I have seen it the other way around, first the one hand barbell snatch then drop it to zercher and lower it. I will try both soon… they look cool and have not touched a barbell in a while.

    1. @Abdiel Rodriguez: Let me know how it goes.

      @Juan: It took a couple tries to get this but not too many. This move builds coordination, because if you aren’t coordinated you’ll be knocked out or otherwise injured.

  3. Definitely not a move for the rookie crowd! I’ll probably just call that one “fun to watch” and leave it alone. The arial work I’m doing these days is some kb juggling (inspired by you) and kb toss over the head when I’m out on the beach. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi – do you find this is good for working core strength as well as coordination?

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