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Mental Toughness in Workouts…You’re Doing It Wrong!

Susan: “It’s getting there.  It’s getting there.  No pain.  That is a big thing. Natan:  “Didn’t Logan say ‘No pain, no gain?’” (Everyone laughs) Logan: You just gotta try harder — that’s it!  If you’re not getting results, you’re not trying hard enough! Some people believe that honestly!  It’s kind of sad.  There is a […]

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The Fasted Hike

Over this past New Year I did the longest fast I’d ever done. 5 days with no solid food. Just some green juices and teas. My previous best, from many years back, was 3 days. Here my specific aim was to get to the point where hunger ceased. This typically happens around the fourth day […]

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Double Kettlebell Snatch x 100

Whew! This one was tough… 100 double snatches with the 24kg kettlebells. Although the same amount of “work” as the 150 reps with double 16 kg’s, this was harder. It is also the same amount of “work” as my goal of of 100 reps in the single snatch with the 48kg kettlebell. Work, in this […]

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More Progress on the Beast Snatch

In a recent workout I went for a PR towards my goal of 100 reps with the 48kg kettlebell. My goal here was 80 and although it was a struggle I hit it. (My previous record was 70.) A key in doing the kettlebell snatch or any endurance set is the right kind of pacing. […]

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Double Kettlebell Snatch

I haven’t shared too much of my training lately because it’s pretty boring from the outside. By that I mean it’s quite repetitive. I’m doing very similar things from day to day, but always progressing from one workout to the next. My priority in training is reaching my Beast Snatch goal. Right along with that […]

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300 Beast Swings

In working with the kettlebell snatch I got to a point where it was going a little stale. So I decided to shift focus towards a sub-goal that would carry over to that main goal. Instead of snatches I’d do swings. More specifically I set a goal to do 300 swings with the beast, a […]

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Stay Tough and Endure, Comrade!

This is a guest article from Matti Marzel about staying tough. It’s a long read but a good one showcasing his time in the army and how to transfer the toughness required there into training today. Even if you’ve never been in the army and don’t plan to you may gain some key insights by […]

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Mental Toughness in the Army

Here is an excellent guest article by Matti Marzel on Mental Toughness in the Army. I know something about mental toughness but not about being in the army. Matti is fast up and coming as a very strong and enduring guy. I knew he was pretty good but after meeting him at the recent Super […]

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Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch Test Survey

The kettlebell snatch is one of my favorite exercises. And the kettlebell snatch test is one of my favorite tests of endurance and mental toughness. When I first got into kettlebells I remember training to reach the needed reps with the 24 kg bell in the test to pass the RKC. Later on I remember […]

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