15lb Max Deadlift Increase in 9 Days

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I just wrote last week how my deadlifts have been going way up. But this is getting ridiculous…

I ended up doing deadlifts once again. Started with 365 for 8 reps.

Went to 415 for a triple.

And ended with a 440 lb. deadlift.

I could’ve kept going but was fine to stop there. At least as far as the deadlifting was concerned.

5.5" Grade 5 BoltRiding on the high of setting a new max only 9 days after my last one I started bending. It felt good. After a couple Grade 5 bolts were crumpled I took a step up.

A 5.5” Grade 5 bolt. Half an inch shorter than the standard ones. This was not so easy. Took a bit of a battle but I was victorious.

To quote George Samuelson, “This feels like cheating.”

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. AWESOME work man!
    You made 440 look too easy! Whooo ha!! Nice form

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    1. Author

      @Mike T Nelson: What can I say? I was motivated by that video you posted on your site. I forgot to do the look around and say something in a foreign language thing though.

  2. why did you lower the bar SO slow ?? [[laugh]]
    i know, u wanted it to look easy..

  3. Author

    Thanks everyone. Should we start taking bets on how soon I’ll get to 500? End of the year? Halloween? September?

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