One Arm Handstand Series Part 2

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This is the second in the series on progress towards the one arm handstand series.

In the Secrets of the Handstand Quick Start Video I show four lead-up stunts that work the skills necessary to do a handstand.

The one arm handstand has lead-up stunts too.

One Arm Handstand Against WallAs was discussed previously in part 1, the most important lead-up stunt is to build a stable and consistent handstand that you can hold with ease. Only once you are at this point should you begin work towards that one arm version.

Just like for the regular handstand, a handstand against the wall can be used. In using it to lead-up to the one arm handstand, you’ll obviously do it on one arm.

This can help to build your strength. Plus you’ll be able to work on your position, to make sure you get exactly as you want. This is excellent as I find in my practice that as I fatigue it becomes harder to stay in the locked out position. Much easier to work on building this up without focusing on balancing, by using the wall. With a stronger position you will be able to practice longer and more.

When you do that one arm handstand against the wall you should do it in the same form as you’ll be working on the balance. If your legs are spread, do it legs spread. If you’re working on the one hander with legs together, do that against the wall. Try to minimize your lean as much as possible as you strive for the best position.

Being able to hold the one arm handstand against the wall for 45 seconds to a minute is a good goal to shoot for. This is one important step in the journey towards success.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Want more help for the one arm handstand? Be sure to check out How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick.


  1. do against the walls with stomach to the wall. IMHEO (In My Humble Educated Opinioun) this puts you in a better bone on bone “stack”

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