3 Exercises to do with a Big Tire

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Part of being strong is about using your creativity. What can you do with a single tool?

There are many exercises to be done with the big tire and I’d like to give you three of those I found the most useful.

Tire flips – you probably already knew about this one as a classic strongman strength endurance exercise that actives all of your body muscles if done properly.

Sledgehammer swinging – just grab the sledgehammer and hit the tire. This is another phenomenal exercise for conditioning, but also for grip strength; it’s fun to do, too!

Tire deadlifts – this one is a bit strange, but a great one nonetheless. You’ll want to place your hands inside the tire in opposite directions and use that kind of a grip to perform the deadlift. It might not be a full range of motion if you’re using a huge tire, but it’s still a very cool way to use the tire.

Any one of these will get you huffing and puffing in a matter of minutes, but if you put them all together you’ll have a fun workout.

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