How To Tear A Deck Of Cards In Half

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In the video below you’ll discover how to tear a deck of cards in half using one of the most popular styles.

First of all, you’ll need to grab a deck of cards and hold it straight across with one hand. The cards should be positioned between the knuckle of your index finger and the root of your thumb. The pressure should be firm, but not hard enough to bend the deck. The grip with the other hand needs to be different and you’ll want to place the deck between your thumb and the side of your index finger.

At this point the pressure needs to be applied in opposite directions with fingers – downward pressure with the fingers of the first hand and upward pressure using the fingers of the second hand.┬áNow you should notice an S-curve forming, which is essentially what we want to happen in order for tension to build in one spot and start the tear. Once the cards start tearing, you may need to reposition your hands a bit and grab the deck more firmly to finish the tear.

Getting to the point where you can tear the entire deck takes time and practice. Ideally, you’d want to start with a deck of 15 cards and gradually increase the number of cards in the deck until you’re able to tear the entire deck. Tearing so many decks of cards can get a little pricey, so I recommend getting used casino cards from Amazon or similar place.

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