3 Reasons NOT to drink Distilled Water

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In response to my last email on my new favorite water filter, I got a response espousing why distilled water was the best option.

Considering I didn’t talk about distilled water in my last email I figured I’d give my thoughts here. Here’s my three-fold issues with distill water.

I did drink distilled water for over a year. Had my own distiller which noisily ran in my room every day. But I moved away from it when I realized there was a better option.


It’s really not natural. Yes, water evaporates all the time in nature, but that’s a little bit different.

Besides, rain water isn’t completely free of minerals. While in the atmosphere its picking up various things. While it has a lower amount of minerals than spring or well water, its not absent of them completely. Of course, this also means rain water can and will pick up various toxins from our environment too.

Cast your mind back 30000 years. Did all the ancient humans collect rain water to drink? They certainly weren’t distilling the water themselves. Or were they getting water from clean streams, springs, and various other mineralized places?

It takes technology to distill water. So for that reason I can’t believe it’s the ultimate answer.

One of my main principles is to trust in the wisdom of nature at least as the starting place.


Have you ever tasted distilled water? Or reverse osmosis water?

They taste odd. (Yes, you can develop a taste for them as you can for tequila and much else, but that doesn’t mean the body’s first reaction is wrong.)

In bottled RO water like Aquafina or Dasani, minerals are added back in in order to make them palatable.

If you’re buying distilled water in plastic jugs, that means the water is leeching out the plastics into the water. Just leave one in the sun and then you can really taste the xenoestrogenic plastic.

Without mineral content water tastes off. Contrast this to a fresh spring. The water I regularly get from Mt. Shasta is literally the best tasting water I’ve ever had.

And did you know that the healing powers of different springs have been noted for thousands of years.

Why is this? Different concentrations of minerals.


Besides just distilling water doesn’t necessarily remove everything. The gaseous molecules like fluorine and chlorine will be in the distilled water unless you filter it. Once again, it depends on the quality of the filter in order to remove those.

Yes it will get rid of all the heavier molecules, but not those that are lighter than water itself.

Felton Spring Water

That all being said, do I think distilled water is BAD to drink? Not really, especially for a short period of time. Water does naturally desire minerals. Whether its going to pull good minerals or bad minerals out of your body, the debate still rages on.

Its kind of like alkaline water. For some people, for some period of time it might be great. But its not the water you should be drinking all the time. (In case you don’t know alkaline water is going to first make your stomach acid alkaline, before the rest of your body, which means impaired digestion.)

We need MORE minerals, not less because we’re chronically deficient in so many.

Even though most of these can and will come from food, that doesn’t mean, water should be without them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fresh spring water is the best option in my opinion.

But that isn’t the easiest thing to get (though quite possibly less difficult then you might think.)

So having a high quality water filter is the next best option because our tap water supply quite frankly sucks in almost every city in the world.

And on that note this is my new favorite water filter.



  1. drank distilled water for 2 years. bones got soft and acquired pain in certain joints. went hard at the mineral water, bottled in plastic since it was the only one i could acquire @the time. pain immediately dissappeared.

    Nature is best emulated in every which form; truly sad that mankind has moved further & further away from it. generally speakin, haha

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