Improve Overhead Lifts With Partial Movements

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I just put up another guest blog post at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s all about (very underrated) partial lifts.


Partial Deadlift

I’m a big fan of partial lifting as it provides certain benefits that differ from those of full-range lifting. While working through full ranges of motion is crucial for overall strength and fitness, to only ever do complete ranges of motions is stopping you from reaching your full potential.

How Is Full Range of Motion Stunting Your Potential? Quite simply because you’re stronger in shorter ranges of motion. Thus, if you aren’t putting your capabilities to the test in these areas, they’re not going to get much stronger. In a full-range lift, you’re being held back by the point in that lift where you’re weakest.

Besides, you’re not actually always doing “full” ranges of motion anyway. A back squat goes to parallel, not all the way down. A deadlift starts from the height where the bar is set because of the size of the plates on it. These aren’t actually “full range.” So let’s just let go of criticizing partial reps done with purpose…

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