Legendary Viking Log Lift

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This got spread around on Facebook a whole bunch the other day. Its very cool, for a number of reasons, so I felt it was worth sharing here too. Plus I’m a fan of the Game of Thrones show which just makes it even more cool.

Hafthor Bjornsson, who plays “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones, just conquered an ancient record as you can watch here.

How big is it? This is a 650 kilo log (about 1433 pounds).

In fact it’s the stuff of legends. Orm Storolfson, from Iceland, was the previous person to carry this load around a thousand years ago. Apparently it took 50 people to load the log onto his back, which he walked three steps with, and then his back snapped under the pressure.

As Ironmind reported, “Hafthor Julius Bjornsson just won the World’s Strongest Viking in spectacular fashion, which included carrying this 650-kg log. Next on his list is winning the World’s Strongest Man contest.”

I wish him luck in doing that…

Here’s another video from a further angle so you can better see just how large this thing is.

Its funny but not surprising that in the youtube comments, people are saying this is stupid. Once again the average public shows its ignorance in how difficult supporting feats like this are. I get the same thing all the time on my videos.

The fact is, short range lifts like this are every bit as hard as full range lifts. They’re just different and they require different forms of strength to do. Like stronger bones, tendons and ligaments.

Want to get this kind of strong? Well it comes down to building your structure, and Strengthen Your Structure shows you how.

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