Five Tips to Help Your Longevity in Lifting

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A new article on various ways to help your longevity in lifting has been put at Breaking Muscle.

5 Tips for Longevity in Lifting


This past weekend I was teaching a workshop when the topic of being strong and fit into old age came up. A few of the people were middle-aged or older, and their belief about training being more difficult for them – and all downhill – stood out to me.

I happen to be young, 29 at the time of writing this, so can I really talk on this subject? While I don’t have personal experience in being older and still lifting, I’m prepared for that eventuality. How so? Because in my many years of being in the world of strength and fitness, I’ve learned from my elders and also trained older athletes.

Besides, what I’m laying out here are principles. While techniques and workouts can and will change all the time, the principles never do.

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