3 Things that Stop You from Playing Hard

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This past weekend I spent a good chunk of time with two of my nieces. They’re a bit older and bigger than my daughter and so that opened up the possibilities for playing a lot more.

And I played hard.


Throwing the girls high up in the air…


Running around…

Just good ol’ roughhousing to the point of actually breaking a sweat and running out of breath.

It wasn’t just fun for them but fun for me too!

Play is critical for a child’s development. And physical play is a big and important part of that.

Sure, they can do it with their friends to a large degree. But how many adults can play on their level?

Can you actually tire a child out before you get tired?

Shouldn’t you as an adult have more energy and more capability then them to play?

I think so. And this is a big reason why I do what I do.

But the sad answer is that very few adults can play so well. I’m not saying this to judge or get preachy but to put forward an idea worth moving toward.

Besides physical play is critical for your development too!

And in looking at this we can see there are a few things that stop people from engaging in this kind of play.

1 – Pain and injuries.

2 – Poor movement quality and quantity.

3 – Lack of cardiovascular fitness.

Right now I’ll focus on points one and two because they’re related.

One of the best skillsets you can develop is the ability to get yourself out of pain when you have it. And make no mistake, this is a developable skill!

In doing so you’ll automatically be working towards greater movement quality and quantity.

Sound good?

A great place to start is my Intuitive Mobility program.

This comprehensive training details a 10-week course that will take you from never doing a mobility exercise to having intuitive mobility that can guide you to unlocking the healing ability of the body with most pains.

It works if you work it.

Not only this, but the practice of it can be its own kind of play, especially once you get to the free-flowing intuitive mobility part!

I’m not joking when I say physical play is critical for adult development too. Want to continue growing neurons that support brain health? Want to keep pain free? Then learn to move more and better!

Find out more details here.

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