Your Breath = Your Performance

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I wish to revisit the seven applications of breathing exercises as you can see in this image.

I don’t see other people really covering this subject and that’s a pity…

Usually, people have a pet breathing technique, one that they do and get great effects with.

Even among the greats like Wim Hof, who has done more to bring deep breathing to the forefront in recent years.

One method actually used is awesome…but it’s also severely limited.

Think about this. Your body can do many different things. It can exert maximum strength. It can go for long bouts of endurance. It can get in flexible positions. It can also relax and stay in a single position for a long time.

Here’s the key. Your breath is used in every single one of these things, and therefore, there is an optimal way, or several ways, for your breath to be used in such.

Do you know how to breathe to relax your physical body or racing mind?

Do you know how to breathe to last longer and go faster in endurance?

Do you know how to breathe to circulate energy?

Do you know how to breathe to increase your health?

Do you know how to breathe for strength? (A new video covering that tomorrow…)

There is no reason not to learn at least one breathing method for each and every one of these things.

Think of your breath as a tool. Being both consciously and unconsciously controlled (contrary to popular opinion, it is NOT the only thing that is used as such) it allows you to align your conscious and unconscious minds towards whatever your aim is.

It’s powerful so make good use of it.

Once again, there is not just one method for each of these things either. There are several and all are good.

To put it in another light:

You can do simple deep breathing exercises to energize your body and mind in the mornings.

You can do a pressurized breath to max out on a heavy deadlift.

You can do box breathing to enter into a meditative state.

You could even do holotropic breathing to re-experience your birth!

Breathing does a lot…if you learn how to use it.

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