3 Breathing Techniques for Strength Training

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“All bodily power comes from the breath.” – Strongman Volanko

Breathing is not just for relaxation or endurance. When we change up how it’s done, it can very easily be used in order to become stronger. As with everything else, there is a time and a place for these techniques. What is covered here is really those movements that are more towards the
max strength side of the scale.

Many people, that have no training in these methods previously, can see a ten to twenty percent increase in strength immediately. Thus, if you wish to be strong, you must master these drills.

This video includes three breathing techniques for strength training:

  • Holding your breath
  • Pressurized exhales
  • Breathing behind the shield

Each of these methods has a time and place to be used. Those are detailed with some examples in the video.

If you’d like a lot of other applications for breathing exercises, including relaxation, health, energy, endurance, flexibility and more than be sure to check out Upgrade Your Breath.

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