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30 Day Challenge – Part 2

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Feeling the soreness from attending gymnastics I still had to balance, per my 30 day challenge. Even kicking up into a handstand was difficult due to my hamstrings, particularly my right one, being sore.

I kept the practice short. Even though my upper body wasn’t quite as sore it was not running at 100%. I did a few handstands including several on a paid of pushup handles.

stone locks

The p-bars I use…a pair of stone locks

What I spent the most time on was a one arm half planche. This is mostly a balance skill. You need to keep your body tight and balance on the one hand. And when I practice it I do it with straddled legs as that’s easier than both legs straight and together.

This has been improving recently. I’m getting better at feeling the balance. Still all over the place, moving around to keep balance but I can stay on that one hand and nothing else for about 5 seconds somewhat consistently now.

Besides this one move I just messed around with a couple others. As it was a busy day it wasn’t a very long practice.

The next day was more of the same.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


  1. Did my first Muscle up two months before my 52nd birthday. It had been a goal I wanted to accomplish at my 50th BD, but didn’t make it. A couple of months ago I put a pull up bar in one of my hall ways & every time I go by there I do a few pull-ups or some variation. Recently I’ve added a 20 lb weight vest. The other day I noticed how powerful my pull-ups had become & thought I was ready. Sure enough, I was able to do one. Rested a minute then was able to do another. I’m stoked.

    1. Author

      @Dennis: Was that a muscle up on a bar? Either way excellent job as that’s a move most people will never get close to. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, a muscle up on a set of normal pull-up bars at an outdoor area. The previous comment may have been unclear. I was doing pull ups with a weight vest, but it was when I was doing some without the vest, that I noticed that I seemed to have enough power to knock one out & then did it.

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