Progress and Regress in Biofeedback Part 4

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I’m regularly getting questions on biofeedback training, almost everyday. So I thought it was time for another report on how its working out for me.


One movement leads another…

The whole system is built on a premise. Everything is movement.We desire to move better. Often this is in the form of moving against resistance, also known as strength, but it can be better in any other way, mobility, flexibility, coordination or more.

Doing any kind of movement (actually anything) will lead to increasing or decreasing any other movement. This is because the body is a whole and what effects one thing, effects EVERYTHING.

Thus you can test any exercise, any movement and see how that affects any other movement. This is commonly done with a range of motion test as this is a simple way to test things by yourself. It’s not without its faults, and there are other methods. But it does work if you do it right.

What I’ve found is that by doing this biofeedback training for a time I got better in tune with my body. That I didn’t even need to test all the time. That I could feel the better or worse movement within the movement itself. That means if I press I can feel whether or not today would be a good day to press.

This is a good thing. And its not even the end point of where you can get.

Progress on that front. However I also ran into a roadblock, created by myself.

Not testing all the time I began to make a slight shift towards forcing my body in directions it didn‘t necessarily want to go. Overtime this slight shift got bigger because I had something on the line.

You know about my progress on the deadlift which has been great. With that goal of 500 lbs. on the horizon, and the fact I wanted to hit it by the end of this month, I starting forcing myself in that direction, rather than letting it happen as it would by itself. I’ve done this by lifting heavier than I should have on many days. Even deadlifting when that wasn’t the best choice. The total effect is that my progress has slowed.

The promise of biofeedback training is that, if you listen to it, you’ll break PR’s without really having to try to do it. Effortless progress. These may not always be exactly groundbreaking PR’s or in the direction you always want but it does happen.

What happens when you don’t listen to your body? When you do things contrary to what its telling you? At best it’ll just be slower progress. At worst no progress, sliding back, or injury.

You can, for a time, force your body to adapt. But it will fight back. The question is why would you fight against your body when you can use it as an ally?

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Hi Logan,

    I am assuming you set a number of goals when you started biofeedback training other than your deadlift & would therefore test these goals first & foremost each session.

    My question is did you often find your goals werent testing well, but by following biofeedback you still made ground in them (WTF effect)?

    I am finding none of my goals seem to be testing well & am a little worried that by following biofeedback i may lose ground in them.

    However i am commited to trying it out for two months before i decide whether it works or not.


    1. @Andy: All of the goals I went after were testing well at least some of the time. But if they’re not, don’t forget the movement model.

      Component Specific
      Contra Specific
      Non Specific

  2. Thanks.

    All of my goals tested well in my last session & ended up having a bit of long training day.

    Getting some weird results with the testing, there doesnt seem to be a pattern to it yet either.

    At least the sessions arent getting boring as i never know what im going to be doing.

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