5 Craziest Gymnastic Moves

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I saw this video of the 5 Craziest Gymnastic Moves and felt it had to be shared here. You most likely have never seen these moves (and possibly never even heard of them) unless you’re in the profession.

#5 – 1.5 Twisting Kovacs on the Gymnastic High Bar

#4 – Triple Twisting Double Backflip on the Floor

#3 – Full Twisting Triple Backflip off the High Bar

#2 – Triple Backflip from the Parallel Bars

#1 – The Tkachev Salto

Now you may not agree that these are the craziest moves EVER but they’re certainly up there and a blast to watch.

If you have any other crazy videos to share post a link below. And if you can do any of these skills (or even come close) tell us about it.


  1. This video is epic stuff. I actually watched it via stumble about a week before you posted it here. Love it

  2. While these are definitely some awesome aerial gymnastic movements. The degrees of difficulty and the grading are not in the correct order, nor are they
    all worthy of being in the top 5. They’re simply a lay person’s assessment of
    what they perceive to be the top 5.

    Shouldn’t the triple back flip, or the Arabian double front be in there? As a
    former Asst. Gymnastics Coach, Gymnast and Acrobat….I can truly appreciate
    what it takes to perform advanced levels of tumbling and gymnastics, and this video has great stuff, but these are not the 5 Craziest Gymnastics moves…not even close!!!

    1. Author

      I agree with you that these aren’t the craziest moves out there. I didn’t make the video, yet still found it worth sharing and as they are pretty amazing.

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