1. Very cool info Logan, as usual… & since your interested in a major way in Animal Movements… You checked out the NEW Animal Kingdom Conditioning II: Call of the Wild Course of the Baran Brothers? I got it & already am training with the animal movements found in there & it’s off the hook bro! But you probably already own that course & I’ll bet you’ve already trained on those excercises as well!

    1. @Matti: Nope, I haven’t seen their second course. I liked the first one though. Very inventive stuff. But what I like most about Mike Fitch’s course is the transitions. Those I haven’t seen anywhere else before.

  2. I was just letting you know, since you said you never saw this before, Budokan (sp) is a martial art that uses the animal movement and transitions as well.

  3. Do you by chance still have this DVD? Would you be willing to sell it? I’ve been looking for a copy. Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      No, I believe the program is only available digitally these days.

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