Tour My House

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I’ve finished my move up to Oregon and wanted to show you around the place. I plan on doing even more video in the future and most of it will be from this location.


  1. Yo Logan… very nice house man! I’m diggin it! Nice backyard too btw! Whenever I come to the USA for a holiday I would love to drop by & train there if it’s alright with you! (& to ask you questions about everything training related…) Good luck with your new house & looking forward to future videos & articles man! Good stuff!

  2. Nice place, Logan! I like seeing someone who has their priorities straight. Training rules!

  3. Glad to see you got moved in. Congrats on the new place, and looking forward to more great stuff from you.

  4. Thanks everyone. I’m very happy with it and have some even more exciting things in store.

  5. Cool place brother, I can’t wait to come and train there!! I’m jealous of the rent 🙁 Keep in touch.

  6. Awesome spot logan! you have the perfect set up for what you do! I am very happy for you. Hope to see you again sometime.

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