5 Minute Intuitive Mobility Routine

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I figured it might be helpful to share an example of me doing an “intuitive mobility” routine.

By intuitive, I mean that I’m not just doing the 3 circles per joint, then move onto the next.

I start with a movement, feel into my body, and let that guide what I do next.

In doing so, this isn’t just your classic mobility drills. There are dynamic flexibility drills. There are all kinds of stuff.

You might be surprised at just how much you can cover in five minutes time.

If you want to feel great, I would recommend doing something like this at least several times a week.

Sometimes, I do it for five minutes. Other times, I’ll do ten. I find setting the timer keeps a good container so that you keep moving, and don’t just stop after a minute or two.

Anyone can do a random mobility practice.  But if you want to dos o something better than random, check out the new course, Intuitive Mobility.


  1. Sir I go through my warm up every am, I only spend about three minutes on it, but I feel much better and I am glad I did. You inspire me. Yours in health Owen

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