5 Steps to Becoming a Strongman

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Here are five steps to becoming a strongman.

1) Strength – To be a strongman you must be strong. No surprise there but you might be surprised at in what way. By going outside the box you can become well known for one feat of strength, without competing against the majority of the world where the competition is high.

You’ll want to become strong in both basic exercises as well as the feats of strength. One tip from Dennis Rogers is to do Scrolling which will get you stronger in your whole body including your hands and wrists, plus even build your conditioning (which might surprise you until you try it).

2) Unique – To become known as a strongman it isn’t enough to do the stock feats like nail bending and phonebook tearing. You need to find something that you can take to the highest level. My personal examples mentioned here are pulling a firetruck by my hair and flaming kettlebell juggling.

Do one HUGE feat and it can truly set you up for life. Dennis’ career took off after he held the two planes back from taking off. This was well executed with lots of press.

3) Showmanship – You must become a great showman. Learn how to add flair to your feats. Learn how to speak. With these skills you can outperform a stronger person. I recommend becoming as strong as possible but this skill is just as essential.

4) Marketing – Learn how to market yourself. This is just as important as strength and showmanship. Without it you will never be seen by anyone. The internet and youtube can be used in a big way today, but there is much more to it.

5) Mentor – If you really want to walk down this path the best bet is to get a mentor that can guide you in every step along the way.

If you want lots more detail on all these steps I recommend you check out the four DVD set I put together along with Bud Jeffries all about these steps.


  1. Very cool article, Logan! And definitely something that I’m becoming MORE & MORE interesting in nowadays!

    And I’ve got ALMOST everything nailed down and mastered, except for #3 & #4… Which I’m working on as much as I can these days… And truth be told and in my honest opinion, those 2 are the LEAST interesting out of all and I’de rather focus on the rest of the points to become an LEGIT Strongman…

    Unfortunately, like you mentioned yourself as well, the biggest and most fanatic crowd + $$$$$ in the bank doesn’t always goes out to the STRONGEST and Most Conditioned Strongman out there, but to the one that can market and promote himself him the best way… And this, ’till this very day, irritates me like crazy, but it’s just is what it is… And thus I gotta deal with it and play by the rules of this game…

    Thanks for this video by the way, I’de definitely wanna hear way MORE about #3 & #4 from YOUR perspective and real life examples! That would be very cool and helpful… Thanks in Advance and much obligued!

    Keep doing your thing, I’m with you on all of this, my friend!


  2. Great post, Logan! Some great info, I feel like 2-4 is where most people fall. Kudos!

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