6 Freestanding Handstand Pushups

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I set a new record for myself. One of my goals this year was to hit 5 freestanding handstand pushups. Well, I didn’t do that, but instead hit 6. I might have had one more in me too, but I was too excited to keep going at that point.

This came off of not training this specific exercise, but something harder, over the past couple weeks. I’ve been working on the Tiger Bend lately. That exercise requires a much closer hand position, compared to the wide stance I take here, and thus is significantly harder. On that note I got a big announcement tomorrow.

And I realized that my legs were all over the place on this one. Going to have to clean that up for the future, but I will take this accomplishment.

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  1. My sincerest congratulations on that feat, Logan!

    I never had the balance to do an unassisted handstand during the decades when I could do headstand push-ups as part of my workouts.

    And unfortunately when I was a young man, I never happened across any tutorials that taught the skill.

    There was no Internet, after all.

    Complicating the matter was that I was a very private person where exercise was concerned. I never in my life had a gym workout, for instance.

    I never exercised with other people — it was an entirely solitary pursuit.

    So I just took for granted that unassisted handstands were an innate skill — someone either had the natural talent for it, or they did not.

    I wish that I had known better.

    Again — good job!

  2. Wow Logan, that’s awesome. This feat takes a ton of functional strength, and is way harder than doing it against a wall. Good Work! Mike.

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