Logan Christopher and David Wolfe

7 Amazing Longevity Health Tips

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I got back from my trip last to the Longevity Now Conference last night. And what a trip it was.

I’m afraid I can only scratch the surface of everything I learned here. But I did want to give you a few things to take away from it.

Logan Christopher and David Wolfe

With David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe

1. Grounding yourself allows your blood to open up putting what is known as zeta potential between the blood cells (basically an electrical charge keeping them apart). Blood is necessary to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

So if you are training hard, especially in conditioning, by being grounded while you do it you’ll perform better. All the more reason to train outside and barefoot.

2. We are energetic beings before chemical. This has wide ranging implications. I’ll leave you to take away what you can from that statement.

3. The key to losing weight that no one talks about. You can make high nutrition very low calorie foods (and I talking about ridiculously high nutrition, the likes of which your average person never gets). Make them taste unbelievable (literally like ice cream, vegan or not, with nothing bad in them), and use those to satisfy your body and energy needs.

With that you’ll be able to eat a lot less food and you won’t even have cravings. I dropped about 8 lbs this weekend without trying.

4. Did you know that the fluorine found in most water supplies virtually destroys the pineal gland by age 18? If you know the functions of the pineal gland then you know how bad this is.

5. If you want to be truly healthy it comes down to the intestinal bacteria in your gut. For instance, 70% of your immunity comes down to your healthy gut flora. This is not as easy as swallowing a single pill of probiotics or eating a small thing of yogurt each day. It takes much more work.

That’s why the very day when I got home I prepared my own sauerkraut and raw milk kefir.

6. I got so much information on hormone optimization I don’t even know where to start. To get your hormones better you need to kick out the bad ones (such as xenoestrogens caused by environmental and nutritional toxins) before you try to increase your testosterone. The indole-3-carbinol found in cruciferous vegetables will help deal with those xenoestrogens.

7. When it comes to anti-aging the length of your telomeres found in your DNA is the undisputed way to measure your biological clock. These naturally get shorter as time goes on through reproduction but it can be accelerated by all the things generally contributed to aging. Right now they’re seeking to find out how to switch on the enzyme telomerase which stops this process in the cells.

And so much more its crazy.

You may have missed the event but there are a few options open. They are selling the online videos in which you can watch the recordings of everything.

Even better they have a two for one deal on the next conference coming up in April. But this special is only open until October 1st. I’m already signed up and I suggest you do the same.

Click here for more details.

I’ll have more to share later on.

In health,
Logan Christopher

P.S. The only thing unfortunate about this weekend is I had little time to train. But now that I’m back I’ll be hitting a hard one in an hour or so. With the break and how great I’m feeling right now it’s sure to be a great one.


  1. It looks like a great conference! Are there any coming up to the midwest region? California is such a far away land! Keep the good info coming!

  2. I already have to travel to the states next year for my RKC recert, sadly I don’t think I can afford two trips. I will definitely make it to a Longevity Conference someday, though. Thanks for the info Logan, inspiring as always,

    Matt, Japan.

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