79 year old not happy with 40 year old performance

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Did you know that vital lung capacity is looked at as one of the indicators of age?

As you go up in age, lung capacity tends to go down.  But like most things regarding aging…there is a LOT you can do about it.

The other day I met up with a 79 year old man that competes in arm wrestling.  He told me the doctors had measured his lung capacity as that of a 40 year old.  But he wasn’t satisfied…

He felt that his lungs were still a weak point for him.

I love that attitude!

As you can imagine, he’s already working out and doing lots of things right. And he wanted some additional tips on breathing to get even better.

So, I went through a few exercises with him.

  • Wim Hof style breathing
  • Breath holds (exhale, inhale and exercise versions)
  • Abdominal vacuum

He’s excited to work more with these, and I’m excited to hear his results.

If you’d like to learn about these and more, then check out Upgrade Your Breath here.   In my opinion, these are some of the biggest bang for your buck breathing exercises there are.

That’s why they are something I have in my routine each and every morning.

Breathing is the foundation of everything we do. Yet, not enough attention is paid to it.routine

Follow suit and you too can be going strong and getting better at 79 years old…

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