5 Minute Breath Routine

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It doesn’t have to take long. Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth with emphasizing breath as part of my routine. You know…there’s just lots of different things to do in life. I’m always working to adapt and shift what I’m doing.

Lately, I added breath work back in, and in a very sustainable way. Because what I’m doing only takes five minutes.

Yes, there can be tremendous benefit from doing a half hour of breathing exercise, but I’m more aiming at a minimum effective dose.

Currently, this involves four breath exercises:

  1. Wim Hof breathing, for twenty breaths.
  2. Exhaled breath hold for time.
    1. (repeat steps 1 and 2 for two rounds)
  3. Vacuum for four reps, doing different versions of The Rope with each.
  4. Chakra alignment breathing for 3 reps

That’s it. Then I move onto some other movement drills.

In the beginning, it took just 5 minutes. It’s gotten just a little longer than that because the breath holds are expanding. Yet, this barebones breathing routine does a lot for me. I notice better energy throughout my day.

Because it is progressive with the breath holding as well, I notice benefits in my endurance training too.

If you’d like, feel free to try out this routine. Just because it’s working great for me doesn’t mean these are necessarily the best breath exercises for you though.

For the 30 or so other ones to try check out Upgrade Your Breath. 

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  1. Logan,
    Can you please do a YouTube video of your breath routine?

    Warm regards from Salt Spring Island

  2. Logan,
    Just ordered Deceptive Strength in Birthday sale. and also downloaded some Free Reports.. Thanks!.
    Please let me know of ANY future sales coming as I would like to get Indestructable body from you soon (as $$$ permits,lol).


  3. Do you have explanations for #3 and #4? I know Wim Hof, but the other two I’m not. Thanks

    1. Author

      I have some other articles on the vacuum on the blog. Use the search bar. As for #4 that one is complicated. I think it’s only covered in my book so far.

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