How to Heal Injuries

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Weeks back when I asked for your questions, they were all over the place. But there was one theme that came up over and over again.

Dealing with injuries…

Here’s just a few of those questions:

If a person has suffered chronic back injuries (due to a double whip lash car accident) making his Thyroid sluggish, sleep deprivation, pain, how does one restore his body to healthy weight to include the physical workout.

I have just nursed myself back from a muscle tear in my left calf, therefore I am very interested in self help injury recovery, ie Reiki, thermal treatments, supplementation, relaxation/rest/exercise, stretching, self massage, et cetera.

I know you are not a doctor but any recommendations for lower back pain? I respect your opinions. Thx!

Could you look into how to recover from knee fractures, tendon and ligament damage? Other than just rest and pain killers. (recent skiing and sledging accident).

7 weeks later and having to learn to walk again properly.


Obviously, over this email I can’t easily give you or anyone specific advice on what to do for your problematic areas.

But I can talk about the PRINCIPLES behind healing. And these apply to EVERYONE as long as you have a human body.

There is a lot we can do to rehab injuries, regardless if they stemmed from injury in the gym or outside of it.

The typical advice of rest and pain killers just ain’t enough.

(Actually I don’t agree with using pain killers. It’s probably been five or six years since I took as much as an ibuprofen. That stuff plays havoc on digestion and liver.)

Rest is needed sometimes, but that time is short. After that, you actually need to move, just properly, in order to get out of pain and restore function.

And even that is just a piece of the puzzle.

The way I look at healing is across a bunch of different levels. Specifically…

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Electromagnetic
  • Mental/Emotional
  • Spiritual

The biggest problem I see with injuries and pain is since they’re thought of as physical, they’re largely treated only physically. In my opinion, this is missing most of the puzzle.

Just because an injury is physical doesn’t mean that only physical things will treat it. The fact is that pain is still largely not understood. Some theories say that pain is not physical at all, but mental or emotional instead.

As such, it could be the mental and emotional aspect that keeps an injury chronic.

The fact is, one level or another may have greater leverage than others. But if we simply target them all, we make sure it’s all covered. And even if there is one higher leverage point than another, doing it all simply covers more ground and likely gets faster and better results.

That is how I deal with pain and injuries.

And if you want the full scoop, this month’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Newsletter lays out my entire framework in much more detail.

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