8 Ways To Improve Vitality

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How do you become filled with life and vitality instead of feeling worn-out and tired.

In this video and article I’ll talk about eight categories to improve vitality:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Movement
  5. Sleep
  6. Stress
  7. Beliefs
  8. Excitement

Most people do pretty well in some of these, but we need to work on all of them and improve what we can to improve the vital force.


What kind of food are you eating? Is it a heavily processed food? How fresh is your food? These are the questions you should be asking yourself to improve this particular area. If you grab a piece of fruit right from a tree or pull a veggie from the ground, that was literally alive before you picked it up and ate it; and it fills you with life energy. The same goes for cooking and meat consumption. There is a huge difference between cooking meat gathered from an unknown source, already processed in many ways and the one you know is fresh, like a cow you may have even known before it landed in your pot. In other words, the vitality of your food is what you should be concerned about.


It is pretty much the same thing with water, even though most people don’t realize that. Tap water is usually heavily treated with all sort of chemicals, like chlorine and fluoride, in addition to being recycled. On the other hand, fresh water from a spring is on the completely opposite side of the spectrum. I am lucky to be able to get much of my water from Mt. Shasta, filtered through rock over hundreds or thousands of years, free from pollutants, full of vital force and organic substances like algaeĀ and things which are promoting growth instead of keeping the water lifeless and processed.


Do you live in a polluted city which offers low quality air which has an effect on your lungs similar to smoking packs of cigarettes throughout a year? Or do you live in less polluted areas in nature where fresh air is in abundance? Another important aspect is how deeply you actually inhale the air you breath? Do you regularly perform breathing exercises? Or do you even do regular exercises, which are forcing you to breath deeply? All of these count and provide particularly beneficial effects when combined.


Are you moving? This is such a wide subject, but I’ll try to keep it short. Strength training is of the essence, but there are other things which also play an important role. Mobility comes to mind. Are you able to use and move your body in various ways and directions? All of these are crucial for your ability to move properly, along with flexibility and endurance. These are all aspects of fitness which is beneficial in the right amount, otherwise it may even hinder your vitality if you go overboard with it.


This is somewhat individual, but we can all agree that proper amount of QUALITY sleep is essential for our vitality and well being.


Nowadays everyone suffer from too much stress which undoubtedly has a negative influence on the vital force. It’s always great to reduce the amount of stress by limiting stressful activities, but you can also influence stress level on a mental base by bringing yourself to a higher level and consequently stopping the stress from affecting you as much as it did in the past. For instance, some issue for one person might cause great stress and burden, while other person would just shrug it off. The question is: What is your stress tolerance and threshold for handling stress?


Beliefs are very powerful forces. If you believe you’re a tired person by default, lacking vitality, that’s exactly how you’ll feel. On the the contrary, if you EXPECT to feel vital, full of life and ready to conquer the world every morning you wake up, then you’ll be able to do all things listed above as best as you can. While doing that, you’ll discover that you can make yourself feel even better and improve your vitality significantly.


If you watch the video above, you may have noticed some excitement in my voice. That’s because I love what I do and you have to do it too, to become truly vital. If you hate your job where you spend so much time working each day, it’s nearly impossible to really have full life force, even with hobbies and whatnot during your weekends. If you don’t have anything you truly love to do in your life, then you’re going to have a difficult time going through it. Take some time to find or discover what really excites you. Life is full of exciting things and possibilities.

There are a lot more details I can go into on these subjects. For many more specifics in these categories and other areas you’ll want to check out my two books, 101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health and 101 Advanced Tips to Radiant Health.

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