9 Segment Spine Mobility Drill

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Most mobility drills are divided up into the three segments of the spine:

  • The lumbar or low back
  • The thoracic or mid back
  • The cervical or neck

The thoracic is quite immobile in most people from lack of movement; so that becomes an important starting piece of any joint mobility.

Here, we don’t just use three segments, but break them down even smaller.

Instead of thinking of upper, middle and lower spine, we think of an upper, middle and lower segment of each segment.

This makes nine areas from which we direct the movement.

Watch the video to see how this changes up the joint mobility and ultimately allows for a better and more moveable spine.

This is just one example of what I came up with while working on Intuitive Mobility.

Give this drill a try and see how you do…

And if you want to go deeper, check out Intuitive Mobility which includes a 10 week course to take you from zero to developing a usable intuitive mobility for yourself.

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