Shoulder Blade Box Mobility Drill

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The shoulder blades don’t get enough attention. Even in mobility, most of it surrounds the ball and socket joint of the shoulder, and not all the movement these can make.

A lot of my practice in this began in doing muscle control; as control of the blades is one of the trickier, but fascinating, areas to work with.

Before getting to circles, the box is a bit easier.

  1. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and shrug the shoulders upwards.
  2. Keeping your shoulders squeezed together, un-shrug the shoulders, dropping them down a low as you can.
  3. Now, keeping them low, spread the shoulder blades out, as if trying to make your lats look as big as possible. It’s fine if the shoulders round forward a bit during this.
  4. Keeping them out, shrug the shoulders upwards.

Keep working to extend the range of motion a bit in these. Then you can make it flow a bit more by going from boxes to circles. Try it one shoulder blade at a time, and also moving them in opposite directions.

This is just one example of what I came up with while working on Intuitive Mobility, as described in this month’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Newsletter.

In this month’s issue, we dive into what intuitive mobility is, and how to develop it in a step-by-step way.

Plus, there are five other exercises demonstrated like this to add to your mobility repertoire.

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