Jaw Traction Mobility Drill

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The jaw is a joint that is often neglected.

I call these traction circles because you’re moving in protraction and retraction, that is jutting your jaw forward into an under bite, then pulling it back into an over bit.

After practicing this forward and back motion, add the side to side to make it into a circle.

Also, try it with different degrees of hinge in your jaw so that it is more or less closed.

What you may notice is that your jaw can relax more (since so many people hold a lot of tension in this area) after practicing this mobility drill.

This is just one example of what I came up with while working on Intuitive Mobility, as described in this month’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Newsletter.

In this month’s issue, we dive into what intuitive mobility is, and how to develop it in a step-by-step way.

Plus, there are five other exercises demonstrated like this to add to your mobility repertoire.

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