A Talk with John Brookfield

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Was on the phone with John Brookfield yesterday. We had an extremely interesting and enlightening conversation.

If you don’t know who John Brookfield is let me fill you in. He’s strong. Really strong. And not just in his grip (though he’s written not THE but THE TWO books on hand strength) as he’s well known for.

He’s extremely well conditioned and strong all around. In fact he’s set a number of world record’s that are crazy in strength and endurance.

The best part is I recorded it and am going to make it available to you soon.

A few of the things he said, opened my eyes to some new possibilities. Just one thing we talked about concerning kettlebell juggling that I applied today, kicked my butt.

At it was all across the board in what we covered.

Even though I was interviewing him, I can hardly wait to re-listen to it and take down more notes.

So consider this a head’s up and look for my email about it next week.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

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