Make Your Handstand Pushups Harder

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Handstand pushups. I don’t know if anyone would deny this as a great exercise.

It’s amazing when someone tells you they can do 15 handstand pushups. But what KIND of handstand pushups are they talking about, assuming they are even telling the truth?

There are many ways to skin this cat, so to speak.

The thing is almost every handstand pushup is a partial rep. Do you touch your head to the ground? Some would call that full-range but it is far from THE full-range.

In fact, it’s only about half. Full-range is down to your shoulders.

Now, if you don’t have something raised off the floor to place your hands on you won’t be able to do a true full-range handstand pushup.

But here’s a tip to increase your range without anything but the floor.

Touch your nose to the floor rather than the top of your head. That’s about a 3 inch difference.

And trust me, those three inches make a big difference. Because that range is right near the sticking point for most people.

Go ahead and try to max out each way and see where your numbers lie.

That’s just one way of many you can change the handstand pushup to make it harder or easier.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher


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