Ab Wheel Alternatives

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A lot of people are searching for Ab wheel alternatives in this video I’ll address a couple of them.

I have the power wheel from LifeLine USA which cost around fifty bucks and even though I bought it around eight years ago it still works perfectly fine. A regular ab wheel is even cheaper and it’s about 10-20$, so if that’s stopping you from getting one, just save a little bit and you’ll be able to afford it.

That being said if you still want an alternative or just don’t have one with you while traveling, there are a couple of basic bodyweight versions of this exercise.

One way would be to start from standing position and walk to the superman position (where you can also do pushups) and just simply walk yourself back to the standing position.

A variation of this would be to get into the superman position and do a one handed hold and you’ll get much of the same effects as if you were using the ab wheel. It might not feel as hard as a regular ab wheel workout, but since you’re only using your bodyweight there are numerous ways to make it even harder.

If you have a smooth floor you can slide a towel and use it as the ab wheel, even though it proves harder to pull back smoothly so you’ll need to jerk back a bit.

Whether you decide to use the power wheel, the ab wheel or any of these alternatives, you’ll be able to strengthen your core in no time. For more about ab wheel progressions (with the wheel or without) be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises.

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