Achieving Full Range of Motion in Handstand Pushups

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I just put up another article at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s about working your way up to a full range of motion in handstand push-ups.

How to Work Up to a Full Range of Motion Handstand Push Up


When I first got involved in bodyweight training one of my main goals was to be able to do a single handstand push up against the wall. I had done things like the bench press before, but I was never very good at it. At that time, I was weak all over, but my upper body strength in particular was the weakest. Therefore, I knew if I could achieve this goal of a handstand push up that I would be on my way.

handstand, handstand push up, range of motion, hand position, bodyweight. It took some time, but I did get there. It’s been many years and I have done a whole lot more since that first push up, including 22 handstand pushups against the wall in a single set, eight full-range handstand push ups (up on chairs, getting my hands to my shoulders), six freestanding handstand push ups, and a tiger bend. And it all started with that first rep.

In this article I’m going to give you ideas on how you can make handstand push ups easier or harder for you – no matter where you’re currently at.

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