Advanced Rope Climbing

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Last night I joined my friend Jeremy at his rock climbing gym, Planet Granite last night.

I don’t have much experience with that kind of training but I always like to get out and try new things. Plus it’s a lot of fun.

Before we began bouldering I showed him a few things on the ropes and rings. I’ve wanted to do this video for a long time but didn’t have access to any rope until now.


This video shows how you can climb a rope upside down. (Hint: using your legs is a big help.) In fact, Jeremy was easily able to do it with a little coaching.

The second piece is climbing with a rope in each hand. Tougher on the grip but just as fun.

If you want some more detail on rope climbing be sure to check out Rope Climbing in the Feats of Strength section.

I’ll have a couple other videos from our excursion later on.

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  1. He’s getting these techniques off of gymnasticbodies from the members there and from the exercises posted by coach sommers. Nothing wrong with that, but give credit where it is due. It pisses me off to see someone taking things for free and not giving credit. Don’t pay for this guy’s information, you can get better for free at gymnastic bodies and Ido Portal’s blog. What this christopher logan character is doing may not be illegal, but it is highly immoral.

    1. I had never seen the rope climbing videos from Coach Sommer until James posted them down below. Its not like climbing up a rope upside down has never been done before. I do not frequent the gymnasticbodies site though occasionally make it over there. You are entitled to your opinion but please do not accuse me of being immoral.

  2. I’m pretty sure that i could do that double rope climb,… it looks like fun. If i had a credit card, I would get the rings no doubt. but sometimes you have to improvise. just recently i learned how to do a wall flip. so I’m not totally without stuff to practice, And I got my handstands too.

  3. Lighten up a bit Slizzardman. I’ve got some of Logan’s republications (Hand balancing & trampolining) & Coach Summers book. Its all good. I am very grateful to guys like Coach summer, Ido, Beast skills, rosstraining & Logan etc. etc. who are willing to share there knowledge & experience.

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