One Finger Handstand

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Is a one finger handstand even possible?

Most would say that no human could possibly do this feat. But then most would agree Shaolin monks are anything but normal people!

This video shows a 91 year old monk Hal-tank from the Sil Lum Temple in China perform that feat.

As I’m sure you’ll agree this move goes beyond just finger strength, requiring intense focus of chi.

There are many other monks who have mastered a two finger handstand like this picture shows. Thanks to Gay Ng for sending it to me.

Two Finger Handstand by Shaolin Monk

Two Finger Handstand by Shaolin Monk

(You can also witness this feat from another Shaolin monk in the awesome DVD Shaolin: Wheel of Life available for cheap on Amazon.)

But getting down to a single finger handstand takes many more years of dedicated practice.

Its sure to be an entirely different approach but there’s a full chapter by Bob Jones, famous for his thumbstand, on doing fingertip pushups and handstands in The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing.

You can get started with the basics. Whether you’ll work up to two or one finger handstand like the monks do is up to you.


  1. There are also circus-performers performing a one-finger-handstand. Have a look at Rudi Macaggi for example (there is at least one other, who also does it, but I forgot his name) – and they even do it without a wall!

  2. I already saw this. I would be interestedif we could develop a way to do and teach people this.

  3. I personally knew Armit Tighner (sic?) in the mid 50’s who does one-finger handstand sans wall. However, he uses a customized gun-like device that supports the finger, that he conceals with a glove. He also does handbalance walking on 6 ft stilts. Any one has any sighting of this former circus performer?

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