Air Pollution = Bad Gut Health?

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A new study published in Environment International shows that air quality impacts your gut microbiome.

“This study examined relationships between air pollutants and the gut microbiome in young adults residing in Southern California. Our results demonstrate significant associations between exposure to air pollutants and the composition of the gut microbiome” 

Does this surprise you?

It doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Because I have a holistic outlook on how biology and our health works. Instead I would say of course what you’re breathing in affects your microbiome!

In the discussion of this study they state:

“A growing body of work has found that increased exposure to air pollutants is associated with increased obesity, dysregulated glucose metabolism, and the composition of the gut microbiota. Additionally, the gut microbiota has also been linked with these adverse health outcomes.”


“The current study found that exposure to air pollutants was associated with reduced gut bacterial diversity and numerous gut bacterial species. This could have important implications as several studies have shown that decreased gut bacterial diversity is associated with poor health outcomes.”

You thought you just had to worry about what you eat and how you exercise?

Nope. Science is finally catching up to the web of life.

The people you interact with will help determine if you’re fit or fat. The water you drink will help determine if you’re fit or fat. And now the very air you breath helps determine if you’re fit or fat.

Seeing this study makes me wonder…

Does good air quality, like the phytoncides found in nature (basically naturally diffused essential oils) help to support your microbiome?

Do they make it more diverse? Do they support your metabolism?

Does deep breathing compared to shallow breathing change up your bacteria?

You can’t be thinking piecemeal about your health if you actually want to be radiantly healthy.

Nope. You have to see how the picture all fits together. We come from nature…so use nature to help support you.

An understanding of breathing is foundational for that.

Upgrade Your Breath talks more about how you can not only do a wide range of breathing exercises, but also improve your air quality inside your home and office. 

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