Another 15lb. Deadlift Increase

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Recently I wrote how my deadlift max went up by 15lbs. from 425 to 440 over nine days.

Well, today I’m happy to report the same has happened, in just thirteen days. (I guess that shows a slowdown in progress but I was on the road for four days without a barbell in sight. In either case I’ll take it.)

For your viewing pleasure…

Most would probably say that’s horrible form. And they’re probably right. All I know is that it’s safe and working for me.

Finished off today’s workout with heavy presses and heavy snatches.

The method of training is important. But there is more to it than just that. In fact, that’s just one side of the triangle.

Tomorrow I’m releasing a special report that may just blow your mind. Stay tuned…

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Alright, you got me all pumped up! What the hell are you doing to make those kinds of gains? Magic elixir, new supplement? Or a good old fashioned exercise routine that has been rediscovered?

    Looking forward to it!!

    Jason from Massachusetts

    1. Thanks everyone.

      @Jason: The fact is it isn’t one thing but a combination of many. No magic elixer, though I will say certain supplements are lending a hand. More on that soon.

  2. I’m very disapointed there aren’t any form nazi’s on here blasting you. :p

    Nice work!!

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