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Recently I told you that in addition to strength training and feats of strength I’d start to talk more on the subject of health.

Health is important. It seems to me that the majority of trainees these days don’t pay enough attention to it. If you workout then scarf down a couple Big Macs you’re really not doing much for your health.

But everyone knows what healthy eating is, right? Whether they do it or not, so I won’t be addressing that area much.

Instead I want to focus on the other things you need to be doing for your health.

Things that you may not realize you should be doing.

Things that can make a dramatic impact on your life and vitality with a simple change.

Today I reveal a breakthru discovery and all that it can do for you health.

This report details a ‘non-technology’ you can start using today…at no cost…and how this will result in improved sleep and circulation with reduced soreness.

(Sounds to me like that means better recovery from your workouts. That couldn’t possibly help you, could it???)

Get all the details, including the scientific research, in my new report.

Sign up to get the report and start putting it into action today.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Logan,

    I love what you do and really appreciate all the free information you share with the slack-jawed goons on the net, but I have a nit to pick here. It was a fairly frustrating experience for me to locate and download the .pdf with this info. I’m on your mailing list, and got a letter with a link to page asking me yet again for my e-mail address. Then, upon entering it, I got a notification saying I would receive a link to the file in my inbox, which never arrived. Then, the next day, you sent a letter with the link.

    My peeve? Why the fishing expedition? You already had my e-mail and it seems to me, if you’re sending a message out over the mailing list, maybe you could have just directly linked to the file. If you wanted people who weren’t on the list, perhaps give them the link you sent us.

    Regardless, thanks for the info. It’s quite interesting as per usual.

    1. @mashoujiki: Sorry for making you jump through hoops. The emails should have been automatic and you shouldn’t have had to waited so I apologize for that. I do have my reasons for doing this but I understand your frustration with it and will take your advice into account for next time.

      Glad you liked the info, though.

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