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Join me as I discuss my interest in health and how it’ll lead to the best performance in all areas of your life.

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  1. A healthy body, mental focus, uplifted attitude and calm resolve can function as an impenetrable shield against the ever-present, vicious, and uncaring stroke of the Grim Reaper’s scythe.
    – Scott

  2. Logan,
    Great Vid!! I think what the pic means to you is that the “grim reaper” character represents your superconscious mind/higher self which is pure chaos energy that has to be harnessed and given direction by your thoughts and actions here in the physical – these thoughts & actions being represented by the warrior shown in a meditative state! This is also what this picture shows to me! Awesome!!!

  3. When i look at this picture i see literally a devastating portrayal of the grim reaper, and a warrior of sorts in meditation. The grim reaper attacks this man, and his scythe breaks. This means that when you are in perfect health, your immune system is in such an altered state that it can deflect sickness, disease, and even stave of death itself for a time. This just shows you the benefits of good health.

  4. Logan,
    Great words — I’m especially taken by your focus on Radiant Health, as opposed to only strength. Since receiving your Earthing report, I see that the 2 differences that make trainers like us a lonely few is 1. an objective consideration of ALL influences of the body (and mind!), and 2. having the balls to pursue the craziest wishes for our physical potential. So long as the masses confuse a workout program with ‘being healthy”, then Innovation with Intuition remain required attributes to achieve the Radiant Health you described. Example: Bruce Lee.

    Regarding the image, it reflects to me the choice we have focus on what we choose, and that absolute strength arises from absolute focus. Death itself could be present and yet we will still have the choice of what to place our attention on. The man aligns his body & mind amidst Hell, and his choice to trance-out on poise and strength ensures that he remains whole. He’ll see Death only if he chooses to observe it.

  5. Excellent video. I actually never heard of earthing until you mentioned it. I ordered the book from amazon, and will let you know what I think.
    The picture: a picture of evil (sickness) trying to take over the warrior, and the warrior staying focused (healthy). Every now and then, everybody will have to fight off evil, whether it be the flu, a bad meal or any kind of negative influences we fight in our daily lives. And in the end we battle evil and stand strong.


  6. Great video Logan! I fully agree with you on everything in here, espacially with the part you talked about staying AHEAD of everybody with the cutting-edge stuff about radiant health & becoming amongst the STRONGEST man alive, That’s a goal I pursue myself also! WHat the picture means to you, I think is that IF you want to be ahead of everybody in the game of Strenght & Health, you have to become Strong equally on both the Physical & Mental levels: mind & body together in PERFECT harmony, where the body & mind are ONE & act as one, Not seperated from each other, and when the time comes that you succeed in it, you WILL have become one of the strongest man in the whole world & have overwon All the illnes & diseases that the Grim Reaper brings along with him so to speak & therefor it is possible to have TOTAL control of the mind & body & be in total peace with oneself, without destracting thoughts, Total concentration: mentally & Physically like the warrior has MASTERED in the picture, It means also that you have created a sort of MENTAL shield around you (like the SHaolin Monks have done also) that protects you figuraly from the scythe of the Death himself, so an early death will be none-existing & the goal of one of the strongest man alive will be achieved!! + Pure good (Radiant Health & Physical Perfection) always wins from Pure Evil (Grim Reaper’s Scythe & Sickness)


  7. This is what it means to me also, forgot to put that with the first one!

  8. For me Logan this picture says that Death is our best friend! In the way that to feel truly alive we must acknowledge the fact that we are mortal. In realising this gift of life we are given the opportunity to make the most of this life in every moment as though it is our last! Carpe Diem!

  9. To me it means that a person focused on radiant health and overall bettering of themselevs will stay one step ahead of the things that try to bring us down…Rock on !!!!

  10. To me it says, and I quote DeSartes( I think this attrbute to him)
    “I think there fore I am”… I will add “what the mind of man concievse, and believes, the mind of man achieves”.No matter if it is health, wealth or in training if you believe in succeeding you will succeed.

  11. If your doing what you want, moving toward your goals, nothing can take you down.

  12. Death is a but a deflectable speedbump in the pursuit of eternal strength and health.

  13. To me it seems the picture represets the superhealth you talked about in your video. With this kind of health no kind of illness can ever strike you down. This state of superhealth also has to do with being focused towards what you really want, I think.

  14. Nice vid man,

    for me, the picture reminds me,

    Regardless of the chaos around me, I must stay calm and focused.
    All things are inevitable, and my path is full of distraction, but I will not waiver.
    And I will not fear this moment because of an uncertain future…

    Thanks for the reminder…

  15. Dear Christopher,

    Thanks for your invitation to comment. I personally found the whole video too long, with a lot of repetition. I quickly got the point about wanting to be at the top of the health league and disease prevention etc. and the importance of motivation. I also found the background noise a little irritating, but realise that you are making these videos yourself and production crews cost money.
    Now the picture- hmmm. There are many possible reactions depending on one’s perspective. I’d be interested in the artist’s motive. However I suppose there are two obvious extremes: 1) The fit muscle man is immune from the demon behind so train hard!
    2) It does not matter how fit you are, death and illness can strike you from behind without warning, so train hard but stay humble- there are some things beyond your control.

    Thanks for your mails. I’ve been a fan of Matt Furey and Eddie Barran for a while, and your hand stands are a welcome progression. I also add cardio from Jillian Michaels. All of you advocate Body strength work outs. I was gob smacked by a video on one of your links for sports aerobics/gymnastics- gives me an even higher goal to go for. I’m 55 now and am all too aware of the frailty of life, having lost friends through cancer etc. However I enjoy being fit and strong and it helps me cope better with life and gives self confidence and esteem. I live in the UK and you will note all my inspiration is coming from the USA!

    Thanks for your posts,
    Alistair Montgomery

  16. The picture is interesting in two ways, one factual the other personal. Both applying to Mr. Christopher’s commentary on health and well-being as the foundation for innumerable aspects in one’s life.

    Initially, the gassho (mudra/hand gesture) demonstrated by the character in the lower left is called Futen Goshin Gassho (in some traditions). Its meaning is that nature is one’s protector. WIth the video commentary and picture in mind, it is not a far stretch to imagine that being 100%, in one’s ‘natural’ state, one can succeed, regardless of their circumstances. Whether there are time constraints, external pressures, or in this case a representation of danger, death, or doom surrounding you, you can prevail.

    Similarly, the picture reminds me of an analogy common in martial and meditative traditions. Though not as ‘tough,’ Mr. Christopher’s picture reminds me of a duck swimming across a pond. People often concentrate on a duck’s actions, or lack thereof, above water. Unquestionably, the duck skims across the water’s surface in a quiet, effortless, and serene manner. However, beneath the surface, it is quite a different scene. A duck’s legs move frantically, kicking in a way quite opposite of what is seen above.

    With the picture in mind, this can correlate in several ways. As in the gassho comparison above, this can mean that you can maintain a stillness, though surrounded by chaotic circumstances. Through preparation, and a sense of well-being, one is unmoved by potential dangers. At a subconscious or unconscious level, the picture may also demonstrate that despite a calm, meditative, and still outward appearance, the capabilities and actions of one’s mind may be exponentially beyond what one observes.

    Before I start sounding like Caine from ‘Kung Fu,’ I’ll stop here. Hopefully, some derive some benefit or information from this post.

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