Are Supplements Evil?

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Supplements are evil! Supplements are good! Find out the truth in this video…

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  1. Thanks for the info on supplements and all the knowledge you share. The liquid mag you said apply more than once a day? Where and how much? I am using a different brand right now once a day.

    1. Author

      @Brent: My bottle recommends eight sprays at a time on large areas of the body. How often does vary. If you listen again to the video on the benefits of what magnesium does you may realize ‘when’ are the best times to do it…

  2. It’s great to have a place to champion the old wisdom that focusing on what our bodies ARE CAPABLE OF EXPRESSING is infinitely more influential on one’s quality of life, than , say, focusing on the LOOK of your body…

  3. Another great vid Logan! It’s great that “new school” human performance specialists like yourself are “sticking it” to the old hat mainstream in the genre (the supplement industry!!) who have been blatantly ripping everyone off for decades!! With honest bussinessmen like yourself leading the way, they will either have to change their practices or eventually cease to exist! Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. You mean we’re not going to win the Kettlebell Snatch book?!? (Ha)

    That said, your weak stomach story reminded me of an incident at a popular health food shoppe (did I just give it away?). In any case, while trying to seek out a natural, cold processed, whey protein, with no artificial sweeteners, a clerk approached me. Admittedly, the circumference of his chest may’ve been equal to his height of slightly over 5 feet. So, he had obvious familiarity with supplements as well as a number of pharmaceuticals.

    After stating the qualities I sought out in the protein, in order to avoid further clarifications, I added that artificial sweeteners gave me headaches. Almost immediately, he responded by asking, how bad are the headaches?

    In any case, I’m pleasantly surprised by your endorsement of some supplements. Your points regarding the diminished quality of today’s food sources and necessity of supplementation are reiterated in a number of books (Protein Power, Warrior Diet, etc.) on the subject. Your insight is appreciated.

  5. Hey Logan! Great video. I ordered me a bottle. I have been looking for a good magnesium supplement for a while. I hope this is as good as stated. Anyhow, thanks for the info.

  6. I’m one of those people that can’t handle creatine. Wasn’t so much about the stomach pains as it was poor digestion because of intestinal swelling. Number two would come out in strained strings. Didn’t get better with continued use and one has to assume poor nutrient apsorbtion. Needless to say i’m off it.

    I ordered the Mag oil you reccomend but unfortunately I had to find a Canadian supplier to avoid duties as opposed to using the link you provided. I went if you want to check if they have a referral program so you provide a link to your Canadian followers.

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