Anti-Stress Recharge Routine

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I got back from Guatemala a week ago, where I spent a week in the Mayan ruins and the rainforest.

It was an incredible and fully present journey for me.

And when back home, it was back into the fray: working away on the computer, catching up, then plowing forward on multiple projects.

A bit overwhelming at times, you know how it is…

After wrapping up my work yesterday, I went out to one of the nature spots that I often go to. It’s where I fetch fresh spring water to bring back to my home.

I set out, walking down the forest trails, between the redwoods, and did a couple energy drills to lessen my stress.

Just that morning I had been putting the finishing touches on the February Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle newsletter, titled, 17 Methods of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic Stress Reduction.

I’m glad I did because they were all top of mind, and so I did a number of the drills outlined in there.

  • Holding the neurovasculars.
  • Doing the triple warmer reactivity pose.
  • Vibrating the body.
  • Breathing deeply.

As a result, I felt the shift within a few minutes. The stress fell away and I returned back into the calm and very present state I felt in Guatemala.

Wow, do I enjoy that! If only I could maintain it 100% of the time.

From there, I was able to connect to nature once again in a deep manner. Some new lessons from Life, the Universe, and Everything…

When I got home, I did a few more. There’s one in there, #12, that is so weird, but I’m simply amazed at how well it works.

The rest of my evening was pleasant.  I woke up recharged, refreshed, and ready to do it all again the next day.

Handling stress levels is critically important in this day and age.

If you’d like the methods described here, and many more, become a member here.

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