Removing Pain Overnight

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This is pretty amazing…

Hay Logan,

Was debating on weather or not to write you as this was just too strange and probably wouldn’t happen for most people but…….

I have been dealing with a achillies tendon problem on my right ankle for close to a year. PT helped a little but then I just reinjured it. purchased the entire bundle of the new tracks and listened to the pain one a week or so ago.

Thinking if I do this for a month it might help and I woke up the next morning totally pain free!

It is usually the worst first thing in the morning then eases up as I move around but I got up and nothing and it stayed pain free for a couple of days! I did listen to the track again that evening but didn’t follow up after that.

It lasted for four or five days before I did something to bother it again. That five day run was the longest I have been pain free in close to a year.

I know about the power of the mind and have gotten great results from your old strength track(as I have previously told you)but this blew my mind.
You are more than welcome to use this as a testimonial if you like.

Thanks for everything.
Bill Kociaba
“Building Better Bodies Since 1981”

Thanks Bill for sharing. As I said amazing, right?

Now I think it is important to realize that these results are NOT typical.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. When you tap into the power of the mind seemingly miraculous things happen from time to time.

I recall working with a woman who had a chronic shoulder injury for years and years. Somewhere around a decade of pain and lack of mobility. In less than an hours time, using energy psychology, not physical therapy, the pain was 100% gone and never returned.

Ohhh how I wish it always worked like that…

Alas, it doesn’t. More often then not when you work with the mental and emotional side, instead of just the physical, you can get faster and more complete results.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about injuries as HABITS of the body and mind. Habits keep going and going unless you do something to change them.

Sometimes this requires small changes consistently done over time until a new habit takes root.

Other times a habit can literally vanish overnight when a big impact is made.

The fact is that a LOT of people have been asking me about injuries lately.

Short of one on one coaching with me (individualized attention is always the most effective) I would recommend the following.

Get the Pain Free Movement Maximizer Hypnosis.

I built in some very cool methods into this track, ones that I have personally used to overcome injuries in the past.

Secondly, grab a copy of The Indestructible Body.

This covers physical drills for every body area. More important than the physical drills themselves, this will help you to understand that idea that movement in order to regain pain-free movement is critical. Sure, there is a time for rest and immobilization but that’s a small time compared to the rest.

The short section on topical treatments is also critically important.

Do not expect results like Bill got. BUT if you put in the work and keep doing so I’m of the belief that the body can heal virtually everything. Your (conscious) job is to set that in motion physically, mentally and emotionally, then get out of the way.

P.S. If you’ve got pain what else have you got to lose? Everything above comes with a money back guarantee so try it out and see for yourself…

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