Are You a Ninja?

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Just the other day I was training at the park.

Doing a variety of gymnastic feats of strength like levers, one arm pullup work, and flags.

I’m doing some kettlebell juggling.

And a few acrobatic moves, which I hadn’t done it quite a while.

A whole class full of children were there so it was busier then normal. And after a little bit of time the kids started taking an interest in what I was doing.

“How do you do that?” they asked.

I show them some moves that they can do. Unfortunately most of them that tried couldn’t even do pullups. And the clutch flag was way beyond them.

“How much does that weigh?” in reference to the kettlebell.

What had to be the best question was when a little girl came up to me and said…

“Are you a ninja?”

I replied, “Something like that. Do you want to be one too?”

And I ask the same question to you. Do you want to be a ninja?

It’s pretty amazing I get that question right after I start promoting my newest workshop. Nice little synchronicity.

If you want to move up and gain some ninja-like skills this is your chance.

There’s still a few spots left at this incredible price.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

P.S. I started doing backflips again which I hadn’t done in probably a year. As always happens with back tumbling skills fear built back into me for doing that move. But I used a mental tactic that instantly removes fear in less then 10 seconds before I started and then it was easy. Want to know exactly what I did? I’ll be sharing it at the workshop.

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