Podcast: Longevity Conference Part 2

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For this episode I continue right where we left off in the previous podcast with the action steps I gleaned from the recent Longevity Conference.

  • Tooth Care and Removal
  • A cell phone harmonizer?
  • Seaweed Soup
  • Testing Your Brain
  • And more

I also share some ideas on what I’ve been doing since then, and the new experiment I’m about to launch into.


Thanks for listening. As always your comments, suggestions and questions are welcome below.

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  1. Hi Logan, could you write out the recipe for the seaweed soup? My girlfriend and I would like to try and make it. I think I’ve written down most of it but I am a bit confused about the twig tea with gynostemma base… I have no idea how to find that as all my searches bring up drinking tea?

    1. Author

      @Kris Wragg: Absolutely. Let me know how you like it.

      1 cup cut up strips of kelp
      2-3 TB of coconut oil
      1 TB lemon juice
      1 TB hacho miso
      1 tsp kuzu root
      1 tsp umeboshi plum pureee
      1/2 – 1 TB Curry
      1/2 – 1 TB Mexican Blend
      1 Dropper Ginger Extract (which I mentioned on the podcast I usually just use a small chunk of ginger)
      1 cup twig/gynostemma tea. For the tea I believe it’s just a blend of gynostemma and twig tea. To be honest you could use any tea and it wouldn’t change the recipe all that much.

  2. Thanks Logan!

    I think I misunderstood the tea part, I think you are just supposed to brew a cup of tea to use as the liquid part of the soup? I was being stupid and thinking it actually required a cup of tea twigs / leaves!

    We are currently deciding between a Vitamix and a Blendtec blender, once we have one this will be one of the recipes we will try 🙂

  3. Enjoyed the follow up! I do a lot of driving for my job so I really appreciate having good quality content to listen to while on the road! Thanks also for the Grounding PDF.

  4. Hi Logan,

    I’ve just had the chance to listen to this second part of the podcast, again there are a lot of similarities in what we’re doing! My diet evolved out of a couple of years experimenting with the Warrior Diet, but then when I read Donna Gates’ “Body Ecology Diet” last year I was surprised to find out how much more similar my regular eating pattern is to that. I’d even been food combining quite well without realizing it! So switching to BED was really easy, and now that’s pretty much the way I eat; breakfast – a light protein meal (home made kefir and berry smoothie), lunch – animal protein (usually 5 eggs) with a huge salad and lots of home made cultured veggies, dinner – quinoa and veggies (often made into a soup that I take to work in a big flask).

    Also, I’ve tried the above soup a few times, it’s featured on one of the Longevity Conference DVDs I have and tastes pretty good. Once I didn’t have any seaweed so I made it with a mixture of re-hydrated mushrooms (oyster, Jew’s ear, tremella and shiitake). It turned out really delicious!

    The dream stuff sounds interesting, I’ll look into that. Just one question that has nothing to do with this podcast directly, but relates to the Longevity Conference. What do you think of the guy Harley who posts on YouTube under the name “durianriders”? I imagine you’ve seen him before, but if not here’s one of his vids:


    He seems to have it in for DW and Daniel Vitalis!

    1. @Matt: The BED book is well worth reading for everyone interesting in nutrition. I’ll have to try that mushroom soup.

      As for the guy you’re talking about yes I’ve seen some of his videos. What can I say? There haters in every field. If someone is that angry and vicious there has to be something going wrong with him. Contrast that to both David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis who while extreme in some regards are people that I could see myself hanging out with.

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