Autosuggestion and Hypnosis according to Napoleon Hill

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Lately, I’ve been reviewing the work of Napoleon Hill. If you’re not familiar with him, he is the author of Think and Grow Rich, probably the most popular book on building wealth ever.


It was written back in the 30’s after Andrew Carnegie tasked him with discovering the philosophy of success.

Of course, that was just one of the many books he wrote. Just recently, I picked up every single one of them so I could mind them for more secrets.

In one of the books called You Can Make Your Own Miracles I found the following few passages:

Auto-suggestion (self-hypnosis) is being constantly used by all people, at all times, whether they recognize this fact or not, and the sad part of this truth is that most people unconsciously use this powerful device in a negative way so that it brings them poverty, ill health, unhappiness, fear, and self-imposed limitations in almost every conceivable form. …

Self-hypnosis is one of the major techniques by which the author has conditioned the minds of millions of people for the attainment of financial prosperity and peace of mind.

Do not shy away from the terms “auto-suggestion” and “self-hypnosis” because you may not understand them. The simple truth is that you are constantly using these principles whether you recognize it or not. Therefore, instead of using them blindly, to destructive ends, it is better to embrace them and use them consciously for the attainment of desirable ends.

It’s interesting because in reading through Think and Grow Rich he never uses the word hypnosis, but here it was clear that he was talking about it.

And he makes some valid points in there. Points relevant to your training.

1) That it is being used by all people, all the time.

2) That most people, because they have no awareness of it, are using it for negative purposes.

3) That many people shy away from hypnosis, simply because they don’t understand it.

Now, you don’t need to get my hypnotic tracks in order to excel in your fitness goals, and get unstuck from the things that hold you back.

But you must realize the power of you mind to help and hinder you.

There are multiple ways of doing it.

Hill’s main method of repetitious autosuggestion is one method.

Properly done hypnosis is a faster and better method, in my experience, because it cuts through the crap.

And there’s still others.

But in any case use must understand these principles and put them to good use.

It is necessary for strength.

It is necessary for health.

It is necessary to become financially successful.

It is necessary for greatness in anything.

Also a fun find in that book was Hill talking about fasting, and his association with the Father of Physical Culture, Bernarr MacFadden, who taught him about it.


  1. I agree most people are so caught up in semantics that they do not realize
    That everyone does this.

  2. I suggest that one reads chapter/principle 12, on the functions and abilities of the Subjective subconscious mind. And the functions of the Objective conscious mind. Knowing how these two separate minds work together is essential for using the information and auto suggestion techniques to successfully achieve sincere desired lifelong goals.
    Mr. Hill has published information on self-hypnosis ( autu-suggestion). One can view videos on “stage hypnosis to realize how the hypnotist uses the power of suggestion on the “volunteers” who are on the stage. Stage hypnosis is for Entertainment of both the subjects and audience. Viewing these videos with an Open mind., even if the reactions seem rediculous, fake or planned they are not. .
    Mr. Bruce Warren CH.t TH.d hypnotherapist educator and mentor SD, Ca (semi-retired) 6/26/2021.

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