Baby Cage

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These cages were used to ensure that children got enough sunlight and fresh air while living in apartment buildings. This photo is from 1937.

Baby Cage

Most people looking at this would say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a stupid and dangerous idea.”

And while I agree that you would need to be 100% sure about the cage not falling or coming loose, let’s look at it from the other side.

Someone came up with this idea so that children could get two things vital to their health, sunlight and fresh air.

This natural things were seen as so important that someone literally built a cage into the side of an apartment!

Nowadays we wouldn’t dare do that. Not just for liability reasons…

Parents are so afraid of the sun that that slather chemicals on their children to protect them from it.

Not only do sunscreens stop the development of the necessary vitamin D (actually a precursor to your hormones, important for bone health, turning on “good“ genes, etc) but all that toxic stuff in it is readily absorbed through your skin.

And most people spend the majority of their time indoor. Whether at school, at home watching TV, playing video games or on the computer.

And hey, aren’t we ALL guilty of doing this stuff?

I know I spend too much time indoors.

On that note, I encourage you to go outside and get some sun and fresh air today. What if you did just a little bit of that each and every day?

What could that do for you health?

If you can train outside at all, DO IT! Training in the elements is something many of the strongest people did in the past. It certainly wasn’t in commercial gyms with recycled air and the latest pop music playing (shudder).

If you can’t get sunlight, fresh air, and earthed all while building your strength, this can double the positive impact it has on your body.

Enjoy it!

In the new Strengthen Your Structure course you’ll find a number of exercises great for the outside. Some are better suited than others. Most notably the various walking exercise variations you’ll be learning, some of which you’ve probably never done before. So pick up something heavy and take a walk with it outside.


  1. I actually really like the idea of this baby cage. The baby cage from the 1930s has been transferred from sun and fresh air to the cage that is a room. Most kids are like prisoners of their rooms in that sense.

  2. Agreed! I love training outside, it feels more invigorating than being stuffed up indoors. Makes me feel more like “one with nature”.

    I live in the Northeast and this winter has been one of the longest and coldest i have experienced. I cant wait til Spring!

  3. man, the pop drivel is enough to take one’s health level down a notch or two. But I wouldn’t limit the drivel label to pop alone

    I agree w/your cage observations. Our PC-infested world is eating away at health in more ways than I dare example being the pushing of low-fat foods. I noticed back in the late 90’s that POP TARTS carried the American Heart Association seal of approval..

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