The Best Surface to Do Handstands On

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What’s the best surface to practice handstands on?

Primarily, you’ll want to practice handstands on a solid surface, like these mats you can see in the video above. You want to avoid softer mats or anything else that might give in to what you’re doing. If you try to do a handstand on that kind of surface, you won’t be able to apply all the pressure you need.

You may practice handstands on a grass, but make sure that ground is hard enough and fairly leveled. Carpets are usually fine, but some give more than others. Since handstands requires very fine motor movements, it’s best to practice them in the most ideal conditions. In case you like to practice outside, it’s a good idea to bring a plank of wood with you and use it every time. It might not sound like a big deal, but small things make huge differences in handstand training. Essentially, all you need is hard, solid and leveled surface during your handstand practice.

Another thing that really makes the difference are hand balancing stands. You can use these even on grass to get a good, solid surface. As a matter of fact, it’s easier to perform handstands using hand balancing stands than doing them on a flat ground.

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